Barbarella from 1968 (Wikipedia, IMDb)
irected by Roger Vadim
Based on the French Barbarella comics from Jean-Claude Forest.

Jane Fonda (Wikipedia, IMDb) - Cat Ballou (1965), Klute (1971), The China Syndrome (1979)
John Phillip Law, 1937-2008 (Wikipedia, IMDb) - Diabolik (1968), Skidoo (1968)
Anita Pallenberg (Wikipedia, IMDb) - Candy (1968), Performance (1970)

"The film was both a box office and critical failure on its release, but now it is considered to be both imaginative and influential. Variety claimed that "Despite a certain amount of production dash and polish and a few silly-funny lines of dialogue, Barbarella isn't very much of a film. /...production is flawed with a cast that is not particularly adept at comedy, a flat script, and direction which can't get this beached whale afloat." However, it has gained a cult following... /...and has had considerable influence on pop and film culture in the decades following its original release." - Wikipedia