Billion Dollar Brain

Billion Dollar Brain (1967)

Directed by Ken Russell
Michael Caine
Karl Malden
Ed Begley
Oskar Homolka
Françoise Dorléac

Wikipedia: "Billion Dollar Brain is a 1967 British espionage film directed by Ken Russell and based on the novel Billion-Dollar Brain by Len Deighton. The film features Michael Caine as secret agent Harry Palmer, the anti-hero protagonist of the film versions of The IPCRESS File (1965) and Funeral in Berlin (1966). The "brain" of the title is a sophisticated computer with which an ultra-right-wing organization controls its worldwide anti-Soviet spy network."



Duffy (1968)

Directed by Robert Parrish
James Coburn
James Mason
James Fox
Susannah York

IMDb: "Duffy is a cunning aristocrat of criminals who is hired by Stefane, a young playboy, to hijack a boat carrying several million dollars of his father's fortune. The plot succeeds, with a little help from Segolene, Stefane's girlfriend - but also with an unexpected, sudden turn of events. "