Sebastian from 1968
Directed by David Greene

Dirk Bogarde
Susannah York
John Gielgud
Lilli Palmer

Donald Sutherland also appears in a minor roll.

"Codes were made to be broken. / Women were made to be loved. / Sebastian was made to do both!" / "We can't tell you what he does (it's an international secret) but he does it with 100 girls... and does it the best!" / "Nobody knows what he does... just that he has 100 girls to do it with!"
- movie taglines

"Dirk Bogarde is at his most suave and the swinging London sixties is most convincingly presented in this extremely stylish, sophisticated romp that was slyly coy at the time, and simply fab when viewed today. Jerry Goldsmith provides noticeable musical accompaniment. Hip."
- says an IMDb user

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